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Missouri High School Football Officials
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Some important Dates
August 30, 2005- Part II Football Test mailed to all officials
September 1, 2005- First Varsity Football Game
September 10, 2005-  Postmark deadline for Crew Playoff Application Form
October 17, 2005- Part II Football Test postmark deadline

2004 Football Officials Ratings Table
Lower Quartile            1.90
Median                          2.16
Higher Quartile            2.38
Rating-  Your rating is determined by the average of ratings filed for you by the coaches for whom you worked at the varsity level.  For example, coaches A, B, C, and D gave you ratings of 1, 2, 3, and 3 respectively.  Your final rating is determined by adding the ratings and dividing by the total number of reports as follows 1+2+3+3= 9 / 4 = 2. 25

2004 Championship Officials-  Congrats
Class 1     St. Vincent vs. East Buchanan
David Sturm
Charles Snow
Paul Corpening
Ric Wilborn
Chris Sturm
Class 2     Blair Oaks vs. Cameron
Henry Zak
K. McLaughlin
Joe Poelker
Robert Lamb
F.B. Gruchalla
Class 3     MICDS vs. Harrisonville
James Blackford
Robert Lade
Greg Hansen
Rodney Auxier
Matthew Symonds
Class 4     Clayton vs. Webb City
John Kilmer
John Schindler
Thomas Suehla
Jeff Holloway
Gene Millentree
Class 5   Ray-Pec vs. McCluer North
David Webber
T. Ramer Jr.
C. Hill
Jason Smith
Marvin Johnson
Class 6    Columbia-Hickman vs. Hazelwood East
James Ryals
S. Fansworth
Thomas Hawkins
Jerome Meyer
Chris Sieren