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Missouri High School Football Officials
Rule 3 Section 1


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Rule 3- Periods, Time Factors, and Substitutions


Section 1- Length of Periods


  • Art. 1- The clock running time for a game shall be 48 minutes for high schools with periods and intermissions as indicated by table 3-1.

(Note:  By state association adoption, if, at the end of the fourth period, the teams have identical scores, the tie may be resolved if a method has been approved by the state high school association.  This may include extending playing time.  The overtime is considered part of the fourth period.  An example of an overtime procedure is located in a supplementary section following the rules.)


  • Art. 2- By state association adoption, a point differential may be established whereby at the end of the first half if one team has gained the established point differential or if it secures such differential during the second half, the game shall be terminated.  A state association may also establish guidelines to use a running clock when the point differential is reached.


  • Art. 3- A period or periods may be shortened in any emergency by agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee.  By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee, any remaining period may be shortened at any time or the game terminated.


  • Art. 4- Games interrupted because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority shall be continued from the point of interruption, unless the teams agree to terminate the game with the existing score, or there are conferences, league, or state association rules which apply.


  • Art. 5- When weather conditions are constructed to be hazardous to life of limb of the participants, the crew of officials is authorized to delay or suspend the game.


Period of Timing

Clock Time

First Period

12 minutes

Intermission for Changing Goals

1 minute

Second Period

12 minutes


10-20 minutes

Mandatory Warm-up time

3 minutes

Third Period

12 minutes

Intermission for Changing Goals

1 minute

Fourth Period

12 minutes

Charged Timeouts

1 minute


Note: Games involving only students below the 9th grade shall be played in eight-minute periods.  By state high school association adoption, games involving combinations of 9th grade students with 8th and/or 7th grades may be played in 10-minute periods.


Note: State high school associations may determine the length of halftimes, provided they are not less than 10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes.