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Quiz #5
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1. A trails by 4 points with the game clock running and time winding down in the 4th period.  Quarterback A1 wants to legally spike the ball to stop the clock.

A. A1 may spike the ball even after muffling the snap and picking up the ball after it hit the ground.

B. A1 may drop back in the pocket, scan the coverage and then spike the ball.

C. A1 must receive the ball directly from the center on a hand to hand snap.

D. A1 cannot legally spike the ball


2. First and 10 on A’s 40 yard line.  A1’s forward pass from his 30 yard line is muffed by inelible A2 on his 36 yard line.  The pass is incomplete.

A. That’s a foul on A2 for illegal touching

B. That’s a foul on A2 for pass interference

C. That’s a foul on A1 for an illegal forward pass


3. In No.2 from where is the penalty assessed and how many yards is the penalty?

A. From A’s 40 yard line, 5 yards

B. From A’s 40 yard line, 10 yards

C. From A’s 40 yard line, 15 yards

D. From A’s 36 yard line, 5 yards

E. From A’s 36 yard line, 10 yards

F. From A’s 36 yard line, 15 yards

G. From A’s 30 yard line, 5 yards

H. From A’s 30 yard line, 10 yards

I. From A’s 30 yard line, 15 yards


4. In No.2 does the penalty include loss of down?

A. Yes

B. No


5. First and 10 from A’s 25 yard line.  A1 takes the snap and runs toward the sideline to his left.  As A1 is running at his 18 yard line, A6 is in front of him and A7 is behind him.  B2 races up from behind A7 and shoves him in the back above the waist in an effort to reach A1.

A. Legal Play

B. B2 is guilty of an illegal block in the back

C. B2 is guilty of clipping, a 15 yard penalty









1. C

2. A

3. D

4. A

5. A