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Missouri High School Football Officials
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Personal Touch Football Officials Instructional Camp is designed to enhance the skills of new officials as well strengthen the officiating skills of the seasoned veteran. The Camp consists of 3 days of action packed activities including workshops, field practice sessions, field performance evaluations and classroom instruction on:
Scouting Program
Strategies Mechanics
Rules Philosophy Keys


In the NFHS Officiating Principles course, you'll learn how to:

  • Determine your officiating philosophy (unit 1) and your officiating style (unit 2),
  • Set and achieve professional goals (unit 3),
  • Communicate effectively with other officials, coaches, and athletes (unit 4), develop your decision-making skills (unit 5), and manage conflict effectively (unit 6),
  • Explain the principles of personal fitness (unit 7) and create a personal fitness plan (unit 8),
  • Explain your legal responsibilities (unit 9), legal rights, and business responsibilities (unit 10),
  • Manage your time wisely (unit 11),
  • Work effectively with local and regional associations (unit 12), and
  • Manage your officiating career (unit 13).


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