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Week #2 Final Poll
What was your highest assignment this year?
Varsity Game-                      (4) 50%
District Championship-       (1) 12%
Sectional-                             (1)  12%
Quarterfinal-                       (1)  12%
SemiFinal-                          (0)
Championship-                   (1)  12%

Week #1 Final Poll
Should Officials be allowed to rate coaches the same way they are rated?
Yes-          30 votes  (50%)
No-           28 votes   (47%)
Not Sure-  1 vote      (1%)

2002 Missouri Football Norms for Officials Ratings
Upper Quartile                          1.91
Median                                       2.12
Lower Quartile                          2.37

MSHSAA Board Policy Adopted Regarding Use of Cell Phones in Locker Rooms
The MSHSAA Board of Directors adopted a policy to prohibit the use of cell phones in locker rooms at MSHSAA events as a preventative measure and concern for an individuals privacy. Modern technology now permits a picture phone to distribute a picture to the internet with uncontrolled distribution. To be proactive and prevent perhaps an indiscriminate use of the cell phone and be possible to monitor by the coaching staff a no use policy is now in place for the locker room area only at all MSHSAA events.

During all district, sectional, quarterfinal games and semifinal games in football, the local tournament manager shall be responsible to post signs outside and inside of each locker room indicating Cell Phone Use is Prohibited in the Locker Room at all MSHSAA Events.

The MSHSAA staff shall be responsible to post signs in the same locations at all final site locker rooms.

It is the responsibility of the school administration to ensure that all students and coaches have been informed of this policy prior to the event and to monitor the policy within the schools assigned locker room at MSHSAA events.

Congratulations to George Bruto from Adrian for being named NFCA Missouri's Coach of the Year.

Third Annual Sportsmanship Summit Set for August 5!
The third annual MSHSAA Sportsmanship Summit will take place on Thursday, August 5, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia.

Registration materials will be sent to schools this spring and will also be posted here when they become availalble. Registration cost is $25 per person and includes two meal functions. The event is open to students, coaches, athletic directors, administrators, parents, boosters and school board members. Each school may register as many delegates as it wishes as the per-school limit has eliminated for this year's event.

Make plans now to attend Sportsmanship Summit 2004!

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