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Missouri High School Football Officials
Rule 3 Section 5


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Rule 3- Periods, Time Factors, and Substitutions


Section 5- Charged and Officials Time-Outs


  • Art. 1- 3 time outs only may be charged to a team during each half of a regulation game.  Unused first half time outs may not be used in the second half or in overtime.  Unused second half timeouts may be used in overtime.


  • Art. 2- A charged team timeout occurs when the ball is dead and:
    • A players request is legally granted: when a decision on a penalty is pending, a team timeout shall not be granted to either team until the captain makes his choice.
    • The repair of faulty player equipment requires the assistance of a team attendant(s), or which, without the assistance of a team attendant delays the ready for play signal for more than 25 seconds.
    • A timeout is requested and granted for the purpose of reviewing an officials application of the rules which may have been misapplied of misinterpreted. The timeout remains charged to the requesting team if no change in the rule results.


  • Art. 3- A single charged timeout shall not exceede one minute.  The referee shall notify the teams within 5 seconds after the timeout expires and shall be reduced in length only if both teams are ready for play prior to the 25 second ready for play signal by the referee.


  • Art. 4- Successive charged timeouts may be granted during the same dead ball period. An officials timeout may follow a charged timeout if it is for the continuance of a coach-referee conference, or if safety is involved.  When a teams permissible charged time outs for the half have been used its captain and coach shall be notified.


  • Art. 5- After a team has used its permissible charged timeouts for the half, any subsequent request shall be denied unless it is for:
    • An apparent injured player who is designated when the request is made.
    • Necessary repair to player equipment.
    • The review of a possible misapplication of misinterpretation of a rule.


  • Art. 6- If a repair of equipment without the assistance of a team attendant delays the ready for play signal for more than 25 seconds, or requires the assistance of a team attendant(s) and the players team has used all permissible time outs the player shall be replaced for at least one down.