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Missouri High School Football Officials
Rule 4 Section 1


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Rule 4- Ball in Play, Dead Ball, and Out of Bounds


Section 1- Putting the Ball in Play


  • Art. 1- To start each half and to resume play after a field goal or after a try, the ball shall be put in play by a kick-off.


  • Art. 2- A free kick shall also put the ball in play:
    • After a safety
    • When a free-kick down is replayed
    • When a free-kick is chosen following a fair catch, an awarded fair catch, the replay of a down follows a fair catch or an awarded fair catch.


  • Art. 3- A snap shall, if elected, put the ball in play when a free kick is not specified.


  • Art. 4- A snap of free-kick shall be made between the inbound lines.


  • Art. 5- After being put in play the ball remains live until the down ends


  • Art. 6- The ball remains dead and a down is not begun if a snap or free kick is attempted before the ball is ready for play, or there is an illegal snap, other snap infraction or a dead ball foul occurs.